The TraumTanzTheater is a free touring theater with year-round performances – especially walk acts.

It uses surreal elements to artistically portray the dreamlike and unconscious. For almost 25 years, the TraumTranzTheater has been performing its Walk Akts at the renowned „Kleines Fest im großen Garten“ in Hanover’s Herrenhäuser Gärten.

The TTT was founded in 1998 by Gabriele Marschall-Grundke. Since 2022, her two daughters Luisa Marschall and Cinzia Grundke continue the TraumTanzTheater in their own style but in the spirit of their mother. All costumes are handmade in the family business with great attention to detail. From bead embroidery to sewing to intricate wire construction, everything is made on their own. 


The Daughters

Luisa Marschall has been a part of the TraumTanzTheater since her earliest childhood. Through her mother’s passion, she also discovered her love for dancing. For several years now she has also been involved in the creative design processes as well as the implementation of the costume construction and was able to learn a lot from her mother here as well.

Cinzia Grundke has completed her bachelor’s degree in scenography and costume design and is able to incorporate much from her studies into the TraumTanzTheater. She uses it to set new impulses again and again. Taking on a new form and taking the audience into a fantasy world feels like magic to her.

Rebecca Stegen, is the eldest of the three daughters and was a player in the first performances from the beginning and is still part of the ensemble today.


The Dream

came true in 1998 when Gabriele Marschall-Grundke founded the TraumTanzTheater. 

The TraumTanzTheater is developed from the experiences with different forms and techniques of performing and visual arts. This is how the fantastic full-body masks came into reality, which transport the audience as well as the actors into a real dream world – a fairy-tale illusion becomes reality. 

The extremely carefully designed and executed masks and costumes are intricately crafted from a wide variety of materials in order to do archetypal justice to the inherent meaning of each role. Thus, a statue is created first, which becomes a living total work of art when in motion.

Every year, the TTT receives commissions for a wide variety of occasions in the event sector. From open-air events to private functions.

Themes and contents of the TraumTanzTheater are not aimed one-sidedly at one target group. When different generations and nations feel equally addressed, a central objective of the theater has been realized.